Product Shot, originally uploaded by avail.

I took the plunge and applied one of the XBox 360 skins that Pat designed and had made for me. It looks pretty boss. Photos from the whole process can be found on Flickr.

I thought the faceplace would be the trickiest, but it ended up being much easier than the huge decal for the top bit. It’s not 100% perfect, but I put that down to application rather than by design. I’m happy with it anyhoo!

All I need to do now is melt down an Oyster card, take the chip and attach it to my 360 and use it to touch in and out of every journey 🙂

No, The Other X Button!

snes-xbox-controllersAfter owning an Xbox 360 for a few months, I still find myself often hitting the wrong button.  When I have to press X, I press Y.  Hit B really fast!  D’oh, I just hit A.  It didn’t take a lot of effort to figure out why.  The button layout for the 360 controller is nearly identical to that of a Super Nintendo controller.  Nearly.

The button letters and even the colour scheme (for non-North American SNES contollers) are the same.  However, the X  Y, and A B buttons are swapped around.  Thus giving me sometimes no end of grief when I acidently hit B thinking it’s A on the 360 which usually cancels something rather than confirming it.

I do quite like the 360 controllers though, maybe because it is  similar to my beloved SNES contollers?  If only I could globally-perma-re-map the buttons.