Get Your Thousand-Year-Old Castle On

One sunny Friday a few weeks ago I was off to Berkshire and visit Windsor Castle. I was there on my first trip to England back in October of 2005 and had been wanting to revisit for a while. Now that the weather is oh so lovely and I have some time off, it seemed the perfect time to visit the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

So off I went, but not without being hit by the travel fail domino affect.  My bus to the rail station in Cambridge was running late, so then I missed the 11:15 express train to King’s Cross, which meant I missed the 12:22 from Paddington to Slough and subsequently the 12:50 from glorious Slough to Windsor.  In the end I got to Windsor just before 14:30, an hour and change later than I had hoped.  I grabbed a quick bite to eat at a McDonald’s that used to be a Burger King.  Oh how the place has changed! Well, I had hoped it would be quick. It was the slowest queue I think I had ever been in.

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