Beside The Sea Side

I did a spot of traveling this past weekend. Saturday was spent in London where I took in a walking tour based around the works of William Hogarth, and namely his most famous piece “Gin Lane”. After that was some random rambling about including a walk down Whitechapel Road which I had never done before. So many dodgy phone card stands.  Sunday I was off to Brighton. Yes it’s more of a summer thing, but seeing as winter doesn’t really happen here I think it’s all good. It was great to be beside the seaside. I didn’t get to spend as much time here as I had hoped due to a very sore right leg and ankle. Why it was so sore I’ll never know, but there we are.  I think have to go back again, and take in more of the waters rather than just the splashed leg I got from getting a bit too close to the waves for a photo op.  Go have a look-see at my photos of London and (mostly) Brighton over on Flickr