Oh, Canada Day


Bagged Chocolate Dip

Lord tunderin’, the Tim Horton’s tent at the Trafalgar Square Canada Day do had doughnuts this year. And a massive queue. And no Ice Capps. Melted or sold out, who knows? After standing in the queue for what must have been around 30 minutes I got to the counter and asked if there was a limit on how many doughnuts you could buy. As there was a limit on the number they had, and everyone was buying one, I was worried there was. Thankfully the lady at the counter said ‘heavens no!’. So I got myself a chocolate dip and a Boston cream.

The Boston cream was especially cold, so I figured they must have been shipped in a cooler. I reckon that’s the only way they could do it. Even if they were just shipped from one of the few Horton’s locations in the UK.

The next culinary delight was a heap of curly fries. They were a bit dear at £5 a servering. The stall was a bit tricksy and didn’t post the price for them, just that cheese was £1 extra. The donoughts were crazy cheap at just £1 each.

Boston Cream

The best part of the whole thing was this. While standing eating my curly fries there was group next to me doing the same. One of the guys in the group dropped his empty styrofoam container and a girl in the group shouted ‘you can’t litter, it’s Canada Day!’. Fantastic.

Oh and I was the only person in ear shot that cheered when the MCs asked if there was anyone from P.E.I. there. No cheers for any of the territories, shame.