Protecting One’s Books

I woke up with an idea this morning. I’m rather particular about keeping things in good nick, and books are certainly no exception. It’s always tricky to pack a paperback just right into a bag so that its risk of damage is as low as possible. Then it hit me; why aren’t there any small portable paperback cases readily available?

A quick hunt on Google yielded big portable cases, but nothing small enough to fit in a bag. If humanity can manage this for a banana, surely we can do the same for books.

My Egyptian Roots

I was working in Newmarket today rather than at the office. For those who aren’t in the know, the first seven months of my IT career in England involved being on-site at a horse vet practice in Newmarket four days a week. Hence me living here. I can’t say I was completely over the moon about it and was rather pleased when I got relocated to working in our main office just south of Cambridge. At any rate, I was back there today filling in for a co-worker. I wanted to wander around at bit at lunch to take in as much fresh air as possible before going back to the tiny office.

One of my stops was WH Smith. I found myself in front of the travel section and one collection of books jumped out at me; Egypt. I picked up the Rough Guide to Egypt and leafed through it a bit. “I should get to Egypt sometime. I could get to Egypt sometime” I thought to myself. This may seem like a passing fancy like “blimey, let’s spend the day in Swindon”, but it has more weight to it than that. No offence to anyone with an undying desire to go to Swindon. You see, Egypt sparked my love of history.

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