Merrily Merrily

A few months ago a mate of mine asked around if anyone would be interested in seeing the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe Theatre in September. Sure I thought, if anything it would be cool to see the inside of the theatre. The only building in London with a thatched roof, by special planning permission, don’t you know.

Last night was finally the night of the show. I figured it would be entertaining; that was an understatement. I, like the rest of our gang, really enjoyed it. The setting of course was great but as was the acting, the costumes, the set, the singing and the dancing. Makes up for the historically accurate if a bit uncomfy seating.

Globe Theatre Stage

The evening started off with the band playing some lovely Tudor period music before the show. Right off the bat the crowd was into it and clapping along. The same band provided music and sound effects throughout the show.  One of the many funny highlights was the actor portraying Master Ford working in being annoyed at a passing helicopter into a soliloquy. So well done 😀

The icing on the cake was after posting on Twitter about enjoying the show I got a thank you tweet back from the actress who played Anne Page, sweet!