A Holiday Photo Sampler

I thought I’d do a post of some of my favourite photos I got over the Christmas holiday.  So without further ado…

December 20th

Lighting fixtures at Christ Church Spitalfields.  There was a choir practicing while I was there which added to the atmosphere.

December 28th

Rose Street Invader
Pixel graffiti spotted in Rose Street in Covent Garden. I noticed last weekend that the invader on Southampton Row is gone, for shame.

January 2nd

Afternoon Light 1
Winter afternoon light at King’s Cross. I got off the train on platform 6 and started walking towards the front of the station when I had to stop and get a photo. Used by Londonist for Sunday Seasoning last week.

3 to 4
Signage under London Bridge. Standing in two post codes.

Line 'Em Up
Some good timing in Carey Street near Lincoln’s Inn. I’ve found myself in this area a few times recently probably due to it being a key location in Revelation by C. J. Sansom. I read it over the holidays and loved it. I’m going to have to read the rest of the Shardlake books.

HA! HA! I Am a Lantern Slide

I was having a walk and a look around Spitalfields yesterday, as I seem to often do on a Sunday.  I spotted several interesting looking tables outside a tiny antiques shop on Commercial Street that I hadn’t really noticed before.   Amongst all the interesting bits were several boxes of photos and glass (and some possibly plastic) magic lantern slides of various vintages and subjects.

I had a quick riffle through the slides and in about the third stack I was confronted with something that made me giggle and wide eyed all at the same time.  It’s the feeling one gets when an internet meme leaps into real life.  Fellow internet humour nerds may recall this meme from a few years ago:

Imagine my shock and awe when in the stack of slides I spot this:


Holy crap!  It’s the HA HA guy!  HA HA’ing away on a ye olden lantern slide. I had to have it. But I had no cash. Several broken cash machines and a walk down Bishopsgate later I was back with money in hand.  I had found a couple more slides I wanted to get as well earlier; one of the current St. Paul’s Cathedral surrounded by brick houses and one of Old St. Paul’s Cathedral.


I had hidden the three of them away under a box so no one else would see my amazing find, lol and nick it.  Thankfully my stash was still there when I got back and now I may or may not start a bit of a collection because they’re pretty neat.  What are the odds of finding one of this guy?