Daily Photo Digest: Week 5

Blimey the weeks are starting to whiz past now that we’re in the grand old month of February. I was quite active with my camera this past week including a few shots related to some aniversaries.

Docklands Walk, Rotherhithe
Sunday: going for a walk along the Thames in Rotherhithe after finishing up my volunteering gig for the day at the Brunel Museum. (iPhone)


St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden
Monday: The back portico of St. Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. I wanted to get a shot of this for my dad as it’s a key location in a book we both read recently (a re-read for me). (iPhone)


Euston Road Rose
Tuesday: Someone’s attached this black rose to a pillar by one of the pedestrian crossings at Euston circus. I’m not sure what it was made of but the detail was far better than what my iPhone picked up. (iPhone)


Dusk at Waterloo East
Wednesday: Dusk at Waterloo East Station. The evenings are starting to get brighter and brighter. (iPhone)


Rush Hour at Liverpool Street Station
Thursday: The first aniversary + photo this week. This one marks the opening of Liverpool Street Station on February 2nd, 1874. Though the station looked a lot different then. (camera)


Theatre Royal Haymarket
Friday: The Theatre Royal Haymarket, where on February 3rd 1794 20 people were killed in a crowd to see King George III. (camera)


Curiosity, Westferry DLR Station
Saturday: Some curiosity at Westferry DLR station. Oh yes, I scored the front seat 😀


Bonus Photo! It snowed Saturday evening! Exclamation!

The Thames Looking East

Greenwich Park Post-snowfall

So it sort of snowed in London today. Lots of big fluffly flakes being whooshed around a bit by the wind. T’was lovely. Shortly after it stopped snowing (and I had my hair cut) I went for an amble around Greenwich Park. There were loads of people of all ages out making snowmen, sledding down the hill and just generally having a lovely time of it.


IMG_6427 In The Clouds

IMG_6425 IMG_6442

More photos from today can be found over on ye’ olde Flickr.

Photo updates: Snow and such!

Posted some new photos on Flickr today. One new set of today’s snowfall. Spring weather at Christmas and winter weather at Easter. Oh England, you so cray-zeh!

Another new set for various London out and about shots. Snaps that don’t really fit into any other set but I still wanted them grouped. So there you go.