And Suddenly, A Stream Train

There’s been a few chances to see stream trains going about their business in London in the last few weeks, and it always worked out that it happened when I wasn’t there.

This morning I was off to London to finish present shopping and was getting the 11:32 to Liverpool Street.  I got to Cambridge Station a bit early (before the train did) so I had some time to mill around.  In doing so I noticed that we now have a service that goes to Stratford. I also noticed that everything was in a bit of a disarray.  Train platforms kept getting swapped.  There was a Stanstead train parked at platform one, which was causing all the King’s Cross trains to be moved about.  Hmm what were they tying up platform 1 for?

After a while the Stanstead train cleared off and then there was an announcement that the delayed 11:07 special service to King’s Cross will be arriving at platform 1. Special service eh? Hmm it didn’t take much to work out what was about to happen, so I dig out my camera from my bag and grabbed a spot along the platform.

Off in the distance, I could see a hulk of an engine with a puff of black smoke coming out the top. Yes! Finally a steam train! But drat, it’s now 11:29 – my train leaves in 3 minutes.

It was the Sir Nigel Gresley, which has been busy lately. I got to snap a few shots of the train approaching and the above video of it going by me before having to run to catch my train.  I contemplated missing mine for a chance of a better photo, but it would chew up too much of my afternoon.  When I got onto my train, I headed for the front carriage so I could at least get a look as we pulled away.  I got a few blurry shots…



… to go along with the few I got from the platform: