A Vintage Sample

Going through some old photos tonight, I came across one that I took of a sample of my game collection. This was from March of 2004 when I was being interviewed for the CBC Radio 1 show Main Street.
Glorious Consoles
In shot we have a boxed Nintendo Power Glove, Super Nintendo Super Scope 6 and Sega Master System arcade stick. Consoles on display are a SNES, Sega Genesis Mark I, a purple Game Boy Advance, a silver Game Cube, an N64 and a NES.

The microwave box contained the rest of my game consoles. The box at left front was all games, controllers, power adapters and connection cables, all mostly in labelled zip-lock bags (because I’m like that). The box behind it is a few more controllers and mostly Atari and Colecovision gear.

My nephew recently had a go with the Power Glove and was rather disappointed that it didn’t work like a Wiimote.  Aren’t we all?

I think at that time I had maybe 22-25 consoles.  One of these days I’m going to break down and get a Sega Megadrive to have here. Click on the Games link at the top of the page for a current list o’ my gaming bits.

Work That Sega Sound

I had hankering today to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Usually a big reason for this is just for the music and today was no exception. Sonic 2 has some of my favourite game music let alone music from the Genesis (or Mega Drive everywhere outside of North America). Despite the Genesis having less clever audio processing than its mortal enemy the Super Nintendo.

Behold, a few reasons why the Genesis Mark 1 had a headphone jack.

Emerald Hill Zone

Chemical Plant Zone

Mystic Cave Zone

Oil Ocean Zone