Panini Sticker Books: All Sorts of Awesome

Just look at them!

I had both of these along with the She-Ra one. I had two of the TransFormers books. One I sticker’d myself and one given to me that had I think all but half a dozen stickers in it. The things weighed a ton (at least to my young, weak arms) when fully kitted out with all the stickers. The Thundercats and She-Ra ones came with a poster as well. Good times!

And So It Begins!

Last weekend I finally started my UK game console collection.  We all knew it would happen at some point.  I was at a market in Birmingham and spotted a vintage game stall.  Sweet!  GameBoy stuff a-plenty was to be along with a Super Nintendo, a Mega Drive (Genesis to you colonials), and a couple of PlayStations.  

Nothing had a price on it so I asked the old chap at the stall what he wanted for the SNES.  £25 was the answer after he pondered over it for a few seconds.  Hmm ok.  It’s a bit more yellowed than I would like but this is the first SNES I’ve seen for sale since I moved.  It’s the first one he’s had since November he tells me.  Next step, I asked him how much the games where.  “Oh depends what one” he says.  I hold up Starwing (aka StarFox) and say how about this one?  He scrunched his face and says “ooh that one… £3”.

I gave it a moment and made my proposition.  How about £20 for the system and the game?  Can he do it?  He thinks it over and caves in.  Woot!  

I get it home but run into a problem.  The RF cable doesn’t want to play nice with my TV.  The next day was spent roaming about Cambridge in the rain looking for a suitable AV cable.  I found one that had a SCART end on it.  Not exactly the cable I was looking for, but was all I found and should do the trick.  At the same shop I also picked up Street Fighter II, Cool Spot and a Super GameBoy for 99p each.  

Got home and got everything all hooked up and was on my way to playing StarFox all the way through for the first time in over a year, joy!

Here’s the beast in all it’s Super-Famicom-body, multi-coloured-controller-buttons glory…

Work That Sega Sound

I had hankering today to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Usually a big reason for this is just for the music and today was no exception. Sonic 2 has some of my favourite game music let alone music from the Genesis (or Mega Drive everywhere outside of North America). Despite the Genesis having less clever audio processing than its mortal enemy the Super Nintendo.

Behold, a few reasons why the Genesis Mark 1 had a headphone jack.

Emerald Hill Zone

Chemical Plant Zone

Mystic Cave Zone

Oil Ocean Zone