You Got My Pen!

UPDATE!  I got my pen back today!  edited January 15, 2008

“You got my pen” is one of my favourite sketches that the Kids In The Hall did.  Not only is it funny, but it really hits home for me as a person who likes their pens and doesn’t much care for people nicking them.  I got back in the office this morning after three days away and found my desk pen-less.  It would be different if I just used the rubbish work pens.  But this was a pen I specifically bought because I like it.  It was a Uniball Eye Micro.  Black ink of course.  It could be in someone’s ear right now for all I know.   I thought I’d do something about it today and made a poster that I posted around the office (click for a bigger view).  First my City of London pin is lost in London, now this.  It’s all too much!