Happy Retirement, My Pen.

Over two years ago I bought a pen. At the Ryman Stationers in the Strand I’ll have you know. It was a great pen; a fine black ink Uni-ball eye. About this time two years ago it went missing. After a campaign at work to find it which included some poster creation, we were reunited a month later and have been buddies ever since.

But alas, these past few weeks its ink levels have shrunk to the point of having to do those lil’ scribbles ones does to get a pen going again. After purchasing a replacement this week the time has come to retire my two-and-a-bit year old pen. Yeah I’m weird when it comes to seemingly inanimate objects like pens.

Actually make that especially pens. When I was a kid I had pens with replaceable ink cartridges that I used through-out junior and high school. None of this ‘need a pen, find one on the floor and use it’ nonsense for me. Heavens it could have blue ink in it.

You have served me well.