Highlight Reel: Lord Mayor’s Show 2010

I like tradition. So much so that I like keeping up a tradition that involves watching a tradition. Since I moved to England in 2007 I haven’t missed a Lord Mayor’s show. Despite it always being awful weather, I’m always there bright and early. And this year didn’t involve getting a train at some silly o’clock hour on a Saturday morning from Cambridge. No, it was a quick 15 minute jaunt on the train from home to Cannon Street for me this year. I could get used to this.

The Lord Mayor’s Show is one of the oldest civic traditions still going, dating back to the early 16th century. The post of Lord Mayor of London goes even further back to 1189.

Without dredging through too much back story that you could read on Wikipedia, the parade carries the new Lord Mayor from the Guildhall, to Mansion House, then onto a blessing at St. Paul’s before going to the Royal Courts of Justice to swear loyalty to the crown. After that the whole procession makes its way along the Victoria Embankment and back to the Mansion House to drop off the newly interned Lord Mayor.

This year I got a spot right by the Mansion House, the Lord Mayor’s residence at the Bank junction.  It’s a bit further away from the actual parade, but it gives a great view of the Lord Mayor’s coach as well as the City pikemen and musketeers meandering around waiting for their turn to accompany the coach once it sets off.

The coach surrounded by pikemen just before leaving Mansion House.

The Oresman in red. A traditional carry-over from when the procession was done on the river rather than the narrow crowded streets.


This year was the first time I had a look at the procession’s return journey. I got to the Embankment just in time to get a great look at the coaches leaving the Royal Courts of Justice.

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