Milk Done Right

Growing up milk always came in plastic, 1 litre bags. You’d get three bags in a pack and there were always packs that had been ravaged because people wanted to just buy a litre. There was sometimes the option to buy 1 and 2 litre cartons, but the good people wanted their milk in a bag, the way it’s meant to be.

It wasn’t until I think the 90s that at least P.E.I. had plastic milk jugs. What a novelty. Now I have milk packaging novelty in reverse. Yesterday my housemate and I went off to Sainsburys to pick up some food. Near the dairy section I saw something that literally made me clap and jump up and down. It was milk… in bags!  And fancy pitchers!  Into the cart they went. I was so excited that some lady even approached me to give me a business card for her eco-packaging business. Oh dear.

Anyhoo, let’s have a look at milk bags, UK 21st century style…
Milk Bag & Fancy Pitcher Milk bag – check. Fancy pitcher – check. This one not only holds the milk bag, but also punctures it and has a lid. I’m much more used to these sort of old school pitchers. We had a yellow one at our house and my grandparents had an orange one. The bag was left exposed and you had to either cut the bag with scissors or with one of these clip snipper things.

Moving right along with the photo exposé.
Getting there The bag is secured into zee jug.

Success! Let the good times pour.

Just Jugit JUGIT!

My First Mario

I was playing Super Mario World tonight (on my PAL Super Nintendo) this evening and found myself recalling some of my first and fond Mario experiences

Super Mario Bros. | NES
pixel-mario_smI’m pretty sure my first exposure to SMB1 was at the local K-Mart, that was about a 10 minute walk from where I grew up. There was a game area near the front of the store where everything was kept in glass jewlery display cases. They had a small 13″ TV hooked up to a NES running Super Mario Brothers. I’d always get to around stage 1-3 before my mom would come and find me to tell me we were leaving. My neck hurts just thinking about how high up the TV was.

Later when I had my own NES I recall running the audio through our home stereo, into which I had plugged in a microphone and I would record a running commentary of my Mario 1 adventures. Oh yes. I could also play through world 1-1 with the TV turned off and just the sound played through the stereo.

The first copy of the game I owned was bought at the flea market at the Charlottetown Mall. When I got my NES, it was a control deck along with a game my dad picked out for me.  A little something called Tetris.  The flea market copy I got was the cartridge that was just Mario Bros.  I thought I was pretty cool as everyone else and their dogs had the Mario/Duck Hunt cartridge.
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