Sounds a Bit Londony

Continuing along with recording footage for what can be heard as well as seen. I had an impromptu trip to the Big Smoke this past Sunday and got a few clips.

First a rather quiet Liverpool Street Station. In contrast to the T-Mobile ad that features a set up flash mob getting their dance on. Real flash mobs happen there quite often as well. None today though.

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Can You Hear That?

A few weeks ago my dad told me about a program he heard on CBC Radio 1 called Hark.  It was about what London sounds like now, and how it would have sounded during the reign of Elizabeth I.  Rather interesting program.  Espeically when the host would call a random London phone number and ask the person who answered to simply hold the phone up for a few seconds just to hear the surroundings.

While in London this past Saturday I felt inspired by that and took a couple videos with my camera to mainly record the sounds.  My little camera’s microphone does a surprisingly good job at capturing some decent sounds.
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Will Take Photos for T-Shirts

A little while ago I came across a photo competition on They do hoodies, t-shirts and the like with London post codes on ’em. Neat! Anyhoo, the competition was to submit a photo of a London street sign. Well! I just happen to rather enjoy taking angular photos of signage. I submitted this one…

I got word back tonight that it’s won me second place, huzah! For me that means a free t-shirt of my choice (colour and post code) and they’ll use my photo on their website. I pondered for a moment what post code to pick, but I think I’ll use EC1 as that is the one that got me the shirt in the first place. London is the city that just keeps giving.