Disconnected, Hotels and London Publications

Time away from computers and the internet is usually a glorious thing, as usually I have something better to do. Time away from computers and the internet without anything else to do in your smoke-smelling Croydon hotel room isn’t as welcome.

Yes, I rely on the internet to entertain me. But also to inform me. What’s my bank balance? What’s my Oyster card balance? Where does that bus that stops by the McDonald’s across the street go? Can I find any cheap MacBook batteries on eBay? So many questions, so little internet. At least there is free wifi at the training centre I’m at. I’m learning all about configuring Windows 2008 server for a Mac environment. I sure do like Mac servers better.

This stint at the Aerodrome hotel, as historical as it may be, has brought to light my general dis-like of hotels. I don’t know about you, but I find it a bit unsettling to come back to my room in the evening to find everything I left laying about moved around and the pillows I strategically placed for maximum comfort moved back and the bed all made. Hotels feel lonelier than hostels as well, and over all a bit too… hmmm… sterile perhaps.

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