No, The Other X Button!

snes-xbox-controllersAfter owning an Xbox 360 for a few months, I still find myself often hitting the wrong button.  When I have to press X, I press Y.  Hit B really fast!  D’oh, I just hit A.  It didn’t take a lot of effort to figure out why.  The button layout for the 360 controller is nearly identical to that of a Super Nintendo controller.  Nearly.

The button letters and even the colour scheme (for non-North American SNES contollers) are the same.  However, the X  Y, and A B buttons are swapped around.  Thus giving me sometimes no end of grief when I acidently hit B thinking it’s A on the 360 which usually cancels something rather than confirming it.

I do quite like the 360 controllers though, maybe because it is  similar to my beloved SNES contollers?  If only I could globally-perma-re-map the buttons.

Work That Sega Sound

I had hankering today to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Usually a big reason for this is just for the music and today was no exception. Sonic 2 has some of my favourite game music let alone music from the Genesis (or Mega Drive everywhere outside of North America). Despite the Genesis having less clever audio processing than its mortal enemy the Super Nintendo.

Behold, a few reasons why the Genesis Mark 1 had a headphone jack.

Emerald Hill Zone

Chemical Plant Zone

Mystic Cave Zone

Oil Ocean Zone