Working On The Family Tree

So much for just focussing on collecting Gameboy stuff because it doesn’t take up much space. Since Deciding that I’ve managed to acquire more of the Nintendo family tree as it were.

First off in May, the sound on my PAL Super Nintendo was on its last legs. I happened upon an auction for a SNES in super good condition that was just the console; no games, cables, etc. Fine by me as I already had that. £3.something later I was the proud owner of a second European SNES. Not only does the sound work on my new one, but it’s not yellowed either. Score!

My PAL Super Nintendos

In June I had a hankering to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Which is a bit odd for me because I never really got into the Nintendo 64 that much. Still, that was enough to get me looking through eBay. Another big score there. For £29 (I think it was, if not it was close) I got a mint N64 in the original box, a second controller in its box, a memory card / rumble pack and nine games (some with their instruction booklet). Best of all, Ocarina of Time was one of the games. Mario 64 was in the mix as well which gave me a good opportunity to give that game another try. I’m warming up to it. There was one more game that I had to get and that was Starfox 64. The European version is called Lylat Wars for some bizarre reason. I should look that up. And do a barrel roll.

IMG_8200 (1)

Ages ago my mate Charlie said that I could have a Nintendo NES that he found in his parent’s garage. I went and visited him yesterday and oh man, it was a pretty decent haul of NES stuff that I made away with. Sure it was all a bit mucky from being in storage but nothing a couple of hours cleaning this morning couldn’t fix. I even took apart all of the cartridges and cleaned the connector pins. No corner cutting here.



Opening up cartridges is interesting. There’s lots of different variations on what the boards inside have on them. Most common is like this (nicely shined up) Double Dragon

Mario / Duck Hunt though is the most basic NES board I’ve come across:

And here’s the whole lot, all cleaned up and ready to go.

An ‘NES Version’ console, four controllers, an orange Zapper and twelve games. A nice bonus is that the Super Mario. Bros cartridge is one of the early release ones with a different cartridge design. Notice how the top doesn’t have the same notches as all the other carts. There’s also five screws on the back instead of three. NEAT.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve had world 3-3 of Mario 3 on pause for a while and should get back to it.