Dedication To the Anti-Fungus Cause

If you need to know one thing about me, make sure it’s the fact that I do not like mushrooms. I hate them. Can’t stand the look, taste and espeically smell of them. This can be tricky sometimes when something that looks otherwise rather tasty comes with mushrooms as an ingredient.

Taking such a hard line against fungi has made me pretty good at picking them out of my food. Generally if there’s mushrooms in some sort of pasta dish it’s a simple case of giving it a stir and picking out a couple big lumps of brown yuckiness.

This didn’t apply to a meal I got over the weekend. Having a look in M&S food and I spot a tasty looking chicken chow mein meal. A quick look at the ingredients reveals some mushroom content. ‘No problem’, I thought, ‘I got this. I’m skilled at picking ’em out’. I didn’t know what a project I was in for.

When all was said and done this is what I picked out of a fairly regulation size ready meal:


Not only was it not the shape, size and colour I’m used to picking out, but just look at the massive heap of shrooms! I just can’t physically bring myself to eat one so as soon as my fork picked up the tiniest bit, I have to pick it out. All that work and you know what, it wasn’t even all that nice.

If I Wasn’t Old Before…

I think I certainly am now. I have a new favourite breakfast… and it’s this.

Yup that’s yogurt. And muesli (or granola on the other side of the Atlantic). And some pumpkin seeds on top for good measure. And I love it. There was a time not that long ago when I didn’t eat breakfast at all. Then I started eating crazy pastries in the morning. I got bored of that and thought I’d try some yogurt with cherries on top from M&S. It then eventually escalated to me actually making my own breakfast concoction to bring to work. Blimey, next thing you know I’ll be writing letters to the editors of local newspapers about how I don’t like the look of all those teenagers.

Oh, Canada Day


Bagged Chocolate Dip

Lord tunderin’, the Tim Horton’s tent at the Trafalgar Square Canada Day do had doughnuts this year. And a massive queue. And no Ice Capps. Melted or sold out, who knows? After standing in the queue for what must have been around 30 minutes I got to the counter and asked if there was a limit on how many doughnuts you could buy. As there was a limit on the number they had, and everyone was buying one, I was worried there was. Thankfully the lady at the counter said ‘heavens no!’. So I got myself a chocolate dip and a Boston cream.

The Boston cream was especially cold, so I figured they must have been shipped in a cooler. I reckon that’s the only way they could do it. Even if they were just shipped from one of the few Horton’s locations in the UK.

The next culinary delight was a heap of curly fries. They were a bit dear at £5 a servering. The stall was a bit tricksy and didn’t post the price for them, just that cheese was £1 extra. The donoughts were crazy cheap at just £1 each.

Boston Cream

The best part of the whole thing was this. While standing eating my curly fries there was group next to me doing the same. One of the guys in the group dropped his empty styrofoam container and a girl in the group shouted ‘you can’t litter, it’s Canada Day!’. Fantastic.

Oh and I was the only person in ear shot that cheered when the MCs asked if there was anyone from P.E.I. there. No cheers for any of the territories, shame.

Milk Done Right

Growing up milk always came in plastic, 1 litre bags. You’d get three bags in a pack and there were always packs that had been ravaged because people wanted to just buy a litre. There was sometimes the option to buy 1 and 2 litre cartons, but the good people wanted their milk in a bag, the way it’s meant to be.

It wasn’t until I think the 90s that at least P.E.I. had plastic milk jugs. What a novelty. Now I have milk packaging novelty in reverse. Yesterday my housemate and I went off to Sainsburys to pick up some food. Near the dairy section I saw something that literally made me clap and jump up and down. It was milk… in bags!  And fancy pitchers!  Into the cart they went. I was so excited that some lady even approached me to give me a business card for her eco-packaging business. Oh dear.

Anyhoo, let’s have a look at milk bags, UK 21st century style…
Milk Bag & Fancy Pitcher Milk bag – check. Fancy pitcher – check. This one not only holds the milk bag, but also punctures it and has a lid. I’m much more used to these sort of old school pitchers. We had a yellow one at our house and my grandparents had an orange one. The bag was left exposed and you had to either cut the bag with scissors or with one of these clip snipper things.

Moving right along with the photo exposé.
Getting there The bag is secured into zee jug.

Success! Let the good times pour.

Just Jugit JUGIT!