All Provinces Accounted For

All Provinces Accounted For

Huzah! The Canadian embassy has finally sorted out that situation I flagged up (ah ha!) a few weeks ago. Gone is the surplus New Brunswick flag and the P.E.I. flag is back in place. Congratulations Prince Edward Island on joining Canada again. It didn’t even take a massive debt caused by building a railway this time around.

P.E.I. Still Exists, Right?

I know I haven’t been there for a while, but I’m pretty sure Prince Edward Island isn’t A) now it’s own sovereign nation separate from Canada or B) a part of New Brunswick and/or adopted the N.B. flag.

Then why on Earth for the past two weeks has Canada House, the Canadian embassy in Trafalgar Square, been sporting two New Brunswick flags and no P.E.I. flag?

Something's Not Right
March 21, 2010

I walked by weekend before last and stopped in my tracks thinking something didn’t look quite right. In the place of P.E.I.’s flag was a bright new New Brunswick flag. However, a few flags down was the old faded New Brunswick flag. No ‘Oiland’ flag to be seen. Now I’ll never be accused of being overtly pro-P.E.I. but c’mon. This is the embassy, surely someone noticed that?

Apparently not. I walked by again this past weekend and the flag situation was exactly the same.

Something's Still Not Right
March 28, 2010

Apologies for the crappy snap, I was in a rush. But you can see see there’s no change from the first photo. Harumph! Maybe someone should tap them on the shoulder and let them know. Perhaps I’ll leave a post-it note on the doors next time I’m by.