Keeping Cereal Crunchy Since 1980-something

I had some, let’s call them interesting, eating habits in my younger days. I would require my food to be on separate plates and eaten with different cutlery for each plate. I used to eat bacon bits and cake frosting (ok perhaps that one isn’t too odd). I even recall once having a taste for drinking milk while eating an orange. One that I still hold on to though (ok I still have a small thing left for keeping food somewhat segregated on the one plate) is how I eat cereal.

The idea of pouring milk on it to turn it into some sort of sloppy, sugary soup never flew with me. Instead I’d have a big bowl of cereal alaong with a tall glass of milk. Spoonful of cereal, big gulp of milk. Repeat and enjoy the taste of cereal and milk without the terrible texture. It’s a no brainer really!

Milk & Cereal
You gotta keep 'em separated. At least before they hit your mouth.

I had never met anyone else who ate cereal like this until one day at work I was chomping away on my Honey Comb from the Colonies when a colleague proclaimed he used to eat cereal like that when he was younger. Sadly he gave up on it and eats cereal the ‘normal’ way now. Pah, he didn’t have the will power to keep the practice up. Still it was nice to hear that I’m not the only one.