Hooked in Great Newport Street

I was having a poke around the internet last week for interesting bits around Covent Garden. One that caught my eye was the police hook in Great Newport Street. Mainly as it is around the corner from where I work three days out of the week. I know I’ve walked by it countless times and never even saw it.

What the heck is a police hook? It’s this thing:

Police Hook, Covent Garden

Any guesses at what it was used for? The junction of Great Newport Street, Upper St. Martin’s Lane, Long Acre, Garrick Street, Cranbourne Street and St. Martin’s Lane is, needless to say, a busy one and used to be manned by a member of the Metropolitan Police to direct the traffic. This hook was here for them to hang up their coats and capes while on traffic duty. Neat huh!

Here it is in situ on the building that used to be the Photographer’s Gallery:

Police Hook, Covent Garden

Does anyone know of any other police hooks around the capital?

No Tubes

Closed Covent Garden Station

A very closed Covent Garden station due to today’s Tube strike. This one is turning out to be not nearly as bad as last month’s with reportedly 70% of the network still running.

It would have been great to be around King’s Cross or Paddington this morning to get some photos of all the insanely long bus and taxi queues. One shot I saw from Paddington showed the queue for a taxi running the length of the station. Now that is dedication to not walking.

Les Bicyclettes Pack that bus

Cyclists take off and a jam packed bus on my walk from Charing Cross to Leicester Square this morning.

A Holiday Photo Sampler

I thought I’d do a post of some of my favourite photos I got over the Christmas holiday.  So without further ado…

December 20th

Lighting fixtures at Christ Church Spitalfields.  There was a choir practicing while I was there which added to the atmosphere.

December 28th

Rose Street Invader
Pixel graffiti spotted in Rose Street in Covent Garden. I noticed last weekend that the invader on Southampton Row is gone, for shame.

January 2nd

Afternoon Light 1
Winter afternoon light at King’s Cross. I got off the train on platform 6 and started walking towards the front of the station when I had to stop and get a photo. Used by Londonist for Sunday Seasoning last week.

3 to 4
Signage under London Bridge. Standing in two post codes.

Line 'Em Up
Some good timing in Carey Street near Lincoln’s Inn. I’ve found myself in this area a few times recently probably due to it being a key location in Revelation by C. J. Sansom. I read it over the holidays and loved it. I’m going to have to read the rest of the Shardlake books.

Lasers & Markets

A few of the photos from Greenwich and Covent garden I took today that I’m pretty pleased with.  Click on the photos to see bigger versions (click on ‘All sizes’).  All of my shots from today are over on Flickr.

North & South

I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but today was the first time I saw the green laser (like my dad’s laser pointer) that traces the prime meridian from the Royal Obervatory to the O2 in North Greenwich. It was pretty darn neat if a bit tricy to get a decent shot of. I do like these though…

Laser Meridian

Laser Meridian

North Greenwich & The Laser Median

And lastly, Covent Garden lookin’ all Christmassy…

Covent Garden