No, The Other X Button!

snes-xbox-controllersAfter owning an Xbox 360 for a few months, I still find myself often hitting the wrong button.  When I have to press X, I press Y.  Hit B really fast!  D’oh, I just hit A.  It didn’t take a lot of effort to figure out why.  The button layout for the 360 controller is nearly identical to that of a Super Nintendo controller.  Nearly.

The button letters and even the colour scheme (for non-North American SNES contollers) are the same.  However, the X  Y, and A B buttons are swapped around.  Thus giving me sometimes no end of grief when I acidently hit B thinking it’s A on the 360 which usually cancels something rather than confirming it.

I do quite like the 360 controllers though, maybe because it is  similar to my beloved SNES contollers?  If only I could globally-perma-re-map the buttons.