Electrify That Tree


Last night I went to the switching on of the lights on the massive Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square for the first time.  On hand were the Salvation Army Band (you can hear a snippet here) and the choir of St. Martin in the Fields to provide carols as well as the Lord Mayor of Westminster and the mayor of Oslo who did the switch on.


Every year since 1947 the people of Oslo Norway have donated the tree as a gift to the people of Britain for their help during the Second World War.  This particular tree stands 75 feet  high and is 80 years old.


Thankfully it didn’t rain and the weather was cool and crisp, just perfect. For some more photos, head over to Flickr.

Lasers & Markets

A few of the photos from Greenwich and Covent garden I took today that I’m pretty pleased with.  Click on the photos to see bigger versions (click on ‘All sizes’).  All of my shots from today are over on Flickr.

North & South

I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but today was the first time I saw the green laser (like my dad’s laser pointer) that traces the prime meridian from the Royal Obervatory to the O2 in North Greenwich. It was pretty darn neat if a bit tricy to get a decent shot of. I do like these though…

Laser Meridian

Laser Meridian

North Greenwich & The Laser Median

And lastly, Covent Garden lookin’ all Christmassy…

Covent Garden