One Day, Two Completed Collections

I went out this afternoon for a shopping trip, Andrea style. This meant book shops, stationary shops and game shops. I stayed away from all Uniqlos after picking up four new t-shirts on Threadless yesterday.

The first place I popped in to was the London Transport Museum Shop. I wanted to pick up the last handful of coasters I needed to complete the set. For ages now they’ve had these lovely lil’ round coasters, a colour coded landmark for each Underground line. I have all the ones in the shop now. I don’t recall there ever being one for the Waterloo & City line so I think I have the whole lot now.

LT Museum Coaster Set

Moving along to Game Focus in Goodge Street to see what Gameboy games they have. They have a case of interesting stuff in the window and right there I spotted just what I wanted; a mint copy of Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance. This one had been proving tricky to find. Not a lot of them come up on eBay and when they do they are stupidly expensive. There’s one on there now that is a buy it now item for £10.99… shame it’s a fake.

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

While the chap running the shop made sure that everything in the box was in tact we had a chat about how shops carrying retro gaming stuff are a rare breed despite the current popularity of old games. He was saying they were worried when old games started to become downloadable on new consoles that it would severely hurt business. However, a lot of people started thinking the same I do that the original thing is still the nicest to have and started to hunt down the original games. For anyone interested, they currently have an Amiga CD32, a NeoGeo and a NeoGeo Pocket Color looking for a home. Good thing I wasn’t in one of those ‘maybe I’ll get a NeoGeo Pocket’ moods today.

So now I have all three Castlevania Gameboy Advance games. I’m not a huge fan of Circle of the Moon. I found the card system was a bit goofy. However I’m loving HoD, much the same as Aria of Sorrow. Another collection, albiet small, completed!

Castlevania GBA Trio