The big 1-2-0, it’s Tower Bridge

120 years ago today Tower Bridge was officially opened in a large, Victorian spectacle with the the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII) and his wife (the future Queen Alexandra) as the top billing, well other than the bridge itself.  Fittingly, for today entry to the Tower Bridge Exhibit is £1.20.

I thought I’d put together a mega-photo-and-video post. Here are some images I’ve captured of the bridge that a lot of people think is much older than it actually is…

The Spirit of Chartwell passes under Tower Bridge
The Royal Barge, The Spirit of Chartwell, goes under the bridge as part of the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. The bascules are fully raised in salute to the Queen.
Tower Bridge Lights
New lights fitted a few weeks before the opening of the 2012 summer Olympics.
Olympic Rings on Tower Bridge
Same shot, but in daylight with the Olympic Rings on show.
Victorian control room, Tower Bridge
Inside the old Victorian control room.
Accumulator in the south tower, Tower Bridge
Accumulator in the south tower, taken while en route to beneath river level…

Inside the south tower’s bascule chamber, beneath the water level of the river.

The end of the south bascule, Tower Bridge
Back end of the south bascule.
Tower Bridge Engine Room
The Victorian engine room
North tower from the west walkway, Tower Bridge
Up in the elevated walk way.
City stamp, Tower Bridge
City corporation tag on some of the engine room equipment. Tower Bridge was built by the City of London Corporation and they still maintain it.