Please Do Not Run on the Platforms

Don’t go running after trains. No matter how much you want to get home, and how much the train schedule is messed up and how much you get on the wrong train. I had to learn this the hard way.

This past Tuesday I got to London Bridge Station to see that all the South Eastern trains were delayed and/or cancelled because of some major signal failures in Lewisham. Way to go, Lewisham.

After a few platform changes a train finally draws near which according to the platform signage should be the train I need to get to Abbey Wood. Oh but it wasn’t. Standing on the train I thought ‘gosh, this is an awful long way to Deptford… and none of it looks familiar’. First stop, Lewisham. Right. Maybe it’s a fast train. The fast train stops here. I’ll give it one more stop before I get too annoyed and get off the train. Next stop, Blackheath. Right. This isn’t happening.

I get off the train at Blackheath and here’s where it all went a bit downhill. Or, upstairs as it were.  I thought I’d go to the opposite platform and get a train back to London Bridge to try the journey all over again. Oh crap, there’s the train.  I turned into one of those huffy rushed people that everyone including me find annoying and overly dramatic at times. Boy did that bite me in the arse.

I rushed up the ramp to the ticket hall area. There were a few steps up to the actual ticket hall. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I tripped on the last step and was going fast enough (and had a heavy enough bag) that I flew face first into the ticket hall floor.  Ow. Hell. Teeth smashed into mouth and knees and legs receiving equal treatment. Thankfully there were a couple of nice women there who helped me up , game me some water and made me sit down to calm down a bit.

After they were happy to let me be on my way I hobbled to a bus stop. I gave up on the idea of mucking about with the trains anymore. I got a few looks on the bus. My mouth was a tad bit swollen, purple and by the taste of it a bit bloody.

A day off to rest yesterday and today I’m feeling quite a bit better. My mouth is much better though the same can’t be said about my knees. Granted they’re no longer swollen to the point of looking like black and blue traffic cones.

Also on the upside on the bus ride I went through a bit of Blackheath that looked familiar from Google street view. That being the lil’ high street area just to the south of where my new flat is. So that was kind of neat.

So there’s the lesson kids; slow down and chill out. Just a little bit.