144 Years Old, Still Younger Than The Underground

Lordy, lordy look who is 144. It’s my home country of Canada. When talking about Canada and how old it is to people in the UK, I usually mention that the Underground is three years older than Canada as a proper country. The Metropolitan Line was open for business on January the 10th, 1863. The British North America Act was signed in Westminster Palace on July the 1st, 1867. This usually puts things into perspective. Canada is still a very young country… and can’t hold a candle to the history of London 😉

This year I thought it would be neat to go around London and capture some of the places where Canada pops up. I’m sure I’ve missed some but I got a pretty good batch.

The entire Canada Water area is pretty good for this. The area is named after the Canada Water lake. There was also a Canada Dock, you know back when there were actual docks in the area.

Canada Water Underground station on the Jubilee line.

Walking outside the station you get hit with a lot of Canada-ness. And construction.

Catching a bus near Canada Street


Moving along from Canada Water we have the Docklands. Specifically the area around Canada Square. The story behind the naming of the area isn’t all that interesting. It’s because the original developers of the area, Olympia and York, are owned by a rich Torontonian family.


One Canada Square used to be the tallest building in the UK until the Shard came to town further west along the Thames.

One Canada Square from the inside. Can’t say I’m a fan of the decor.

And One Canada Square from the outside, looking up.

Entering One Canada Square from Cabot Place / Canary Wharf DLR station. I don’t get as properly lost in around here as I used to, but it’s still a bit confusing.

Off now to Covent Garden, where I don’t get as lost. Streets need to be at least 100 years old it seems for me to properly navigate them.

It’s the Canada (and other Commonwealth Countries) Shop! It’s where I get my Kraft Dinner, ketchup chips and Coffee Crisps. They have a window display at the moment for all things Canada. Well, all things they have in stock. I’ve cleared out the ketchup chips.

A short walk up Maiden Lane from the Canada Shop is the Maple Leaf Pub. I went here for the first time a few weeks ago and had a ridiculously large plate of potato wedges. They were very good. They had bacon on them. And chicken. However, I think I need to take issue with them not serving Canada Dry gingerale or chicken fingers.

Last stop is the at the moment empty Canadian high commission, Canada House, next to Trafalgar Square. All the flags have been down and the place locked up for a few months now while they renovate the place.

Let’s take a moment to hark back to March last year when there was a bit of a flag gaff at Maison du Canada…
Something's Not Right
Two New Brunswicks. No P.E.I.. Bizzarro World.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to queue up for a Tim’s doughnut and curly fries at the Canada Day in London do.


Product Shot, originally uploaded by avail.

I took the plunge and applied one of the XBox 360 skins that Pat designed and had made for me. It looks pretty boss. Photos from the whole process can be found on Flickr.

I thought the faceplace would be the trickiest, but it ended up being much easier than the huge decal for the top bit. It’s not 100% perfect, but I put that down to application rather than by design. I’m happy with it anyhoo!

All I need to do now is melt down an Oyster card, take the chip and attach it to my 360 and use it to touch in and out of every journey 🙂

Sounds a Bit Londony

Continuing along with recording footage for what can be heard as well as seen. I had an impromptu trip to the Big Smoke this past Sunday and got a few clips.

First a rather quiet Liverpool Street Station. In contrast to the T-Mobile ad that features a set up flash mob getting their dance on. Real flash mobs happen there quite often as well. None today though.

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Can You Hear That?

A few weeks ago my dad told me about a program he heard on CBC Radio 1 called Hark.  It was about what London sounds like now, and how it would have sounded during the reign of Elizabeth I.  Rather interesting program.  Espeically when the host would call a random London phone number and ask the person who answered to simply hold the phone up for a few seconds just to hear the surroundings.

While in London this past Saturday I felt inspired by that and took a couple videos with my camera to mainly record the sounds.  My little camera’s microphone does a surprisingly good job at capturing some decent sounds.
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