We All Saw This Guy at the Opening Ceremony, Right?

Well well, much to write about about the past month and a bit. Summer in London in 2012 has proved to be as fantastic as it was billed to be with the Jubilee, a visit from m’colleague, a trip to the South West, and now the biggest logistical exercise in the capital since the Second World War. I really need to get around to that.

In the meantime, I haven’t seen anything else online about this guy trying to get a photo on his phone of him with the kid singing solo behind him. It was a pretty precious moment.

How long before this was uploaded to Facebook?

Messages to Kevin

Over the past week I’ve been getting a chuckle during my train ride to and from work. I must not be the only person travelling between London Bridge and Charing Cross who has been looking forward to what new message will be broadcast to Kevin.

What am I on about? There’s a building on the south* side of the rail viaduct just past London Bridge that everyday has an A4 print out taped to one of the windows. So far I’ve seen ‘Good Morning, Kevin’, ‘Smile Kevin’, ‘Smile Kevin’ again but with a 13 beneath it and today’s was ‘We’re digging’ with a 12 beneath it. I’ve been wanting to get a photo but it’s a bit tricky to A) always be on the the right side of the train and B) get something that isn’t a blur on an iPhone camera. What Arial type faced missive will there be when I’m back that way on Friday?

*correction – I originally posted north, it’s actually south.

Things Seen and Heard

Some random things I’ve seen and/or heard in the past few days:

1. A guy driving around East London in a crappy lil’ hatchback blasting out Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Rickrollin‘ the neighbourhood.

2. A mint 1970’s (possibly 60’s) Mercedes parked in a street off Oxford Street with a top hat and umbrella in the back window.

3. Guy behind me on the train to Cambridge blaming the lack of seats first on the Tories, then on bankers. The sombre bloke beside him responding with ‘it’s got nothing to do with bankers’ a few times before giving up.

4. A guy on the train to King’s Cross who looked exactly like Toby from the US version of The Office, right down to the facial expressions.

Milk Done Right

Growing up milk always came in plastic, 1 litre bags. You’d get three bags in a pack and there were always packs that had been ravaged because people wanted to just buy a litre. There was sometimes the option to buy 1 and 2 litre cartons, but the good people wanted their milk in a bag, the way it’s meant to be.

It wasn’t until I think the 90s that at least P.E.I. had plastic milk jugs. What a novelty. Now I have milk packaging novelty in reverse. Yesterday my housemate and I went off to Sainsburys to pick up some food. Near the dairy section I saw something that literally made me clap and jump up and down. It was milk… in bags!  And fancy pitchers!  Into the cart they went. I was so excited that some lady even approached me to give me a business card for her eco-packaging business. Oh dear.

Anyhoo, let’s have a look at milk bags, UK 21st century style…
Milk Bag & Fancy Pitcher Milk bag – check. Fancy pitcher – check. This one not only holds the milk bag, but also punctures it and has a lid. I’m much more used to these sort of old school pitchers. We had a yellow one at our house and my grandparents had an orange one. The bag was left exposed and you had to either cut the bag with scissors or with one of these clip snipper things.

Moving right along with the photo exposé.
Getting there The bag is secured into zee jug.

Success! Let the good times pour.

Just Jugit JUGIT!