For Those About to Rock, Wii Salute You.

Two posts in one sitting, I must be delerious. Since last talking Nintendo talk, I “unoffically” own 2 Wiis. Unofficialy, wtf you say. Here’s how it goes. My dad was lucky enough to score a Wii at Walmart the Friday after Christmas for my nephew’s birthday in late January. Naturally, I ever so carefully unpacked it with out unpacking it too much, so I could take it home and have a go with it for a few weeks. Some of the cords are still twist tied up and wrapped in plastic but I get by.

That brings this tale up to Tuesday. During Uncle Steve’s Macworld Keynote, a few Wii’s happened to be available on FutureShop’s website for a very limited time. 45 seconds sort of time. Pat, posessing super ninja shopping abilities, snapped one up for me. It’s in transit right now, hit Ottawa today and should arrive early next week. Just in time for my nephew’s to get packed up and sent out. Now I am teh awesome.

Original photo from WiiKitty

As a final note I must add that Children of Men is brilliant. Check it out before Empire pulls it, otherwise you’ll have to wait until City Cinema gets it.

Ketchup / Catsup / Catch-up

So a quick run down of some recent things…

– I have ever-so-many things to watch including A Bit Of Fry & Laurie (<3), Jeeves & Wooster, House MD (season 1 finished while this post sat as a draft for a couple of days), Extras and The (American) Office.
Phoenix Wright is the most Ace Attorney around. TAKE THAT!
– The Wii isn’t quite as cheap as chips, but still better than $700 (or alternatively, 40,000 of your Earth pounds).
– The Tony Stanza is working well. My stereo has been installed, back speakers replaced now just the front speakers to go.
– City Cinema will play Little Miss Sunshine sometime in 2009
Pieces of the People We Love by The Rapture is awesome. Sam’s Town by the Killers isn’t quite as so.
– A week of a Pat visit is a fun week indeed.


Ahead of tomorrow’s big Wii announcement, I thought I would do my own. Please call to order my remarkably cool front plate for my car with the not so remarkable white paint job. It matches well though…

If you can call it as a St. George’s cross, kudos to you. If you get it 100% right and called the flag of the City Of London aka The Square Mile, you are teh champion. My dad made it for me and he did a fantastic job, as he does with these sorts of things. Thank you to Skills Canada for the license plate we found kicking around the facilities area of Holland College. Hats off, etc.

Besides the Wii price and launch date announcement tomorrow, we also have the start of a new series of Extras. Series two is being talked up to trump even the brilliant first series. Speaking of good things, Joyeux Noel is currently playing at City Cinema and is as fantastic as a new iPod Shuffle that I’m trying to convince myself to not buy.