Merrily Merrily

A few months ago a mate of mine asked around if anyone would be interested in seeing the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe Theatre in September. Sure I thought, if anything it would be cool to see the inside of the theatre. The only building in London with a thatched roof, by special planning permission, don’t you know.

Last night was finally the night of the show. I figured it would be entertaining; that was an understatement. I, like the rest of our gang, really enjoyed it. The setting of course was great but as was the acting, the costumes, the set, the singing and the dancing. Makes up for the historically accurate if a bit uncomfy seating.

Globe Theatre Stage

The evening started off with the band playing some lovely Tudor period music before the show. Right off the bat the crowd was into it and clapping along. The same band provided music and sound effects throughout the show.  One of the many funny highlights was the actor portraying Master Ford working in being annoyed at a passing helicopter into a soliloquy. So well done 😀

The icing on the cake was after posting on Twitter about enjoying the show I got a thank you tweet back from the actress who played Anne Page, sweet!

Oh, Canada Day


Bagged Chocolate Dip

Lord tunderin’, the Tim Horton’s tent at the Trafalgar Square Canada Day do had doughnuts this year. And a massive queue. And no Ice Capps. Melted or sold out, who knows? After standing in the queue for what must have been around 30 minutes I got to the counter and asked if there was a limit on how many doughnuts you could buy. As there was a limit on the number they had, and everyone was buying one, I was worried there was. Thankfully the lady at the counter said ‘heavens no!’. So I got myself a chocolate dip and a Boston cream.

The Boston cream was especially cold, so I figured they must have been shipped in a cooler. I reckon that’s the only way they could do it. Even if they were just shipped from one of the few Horton’s locations in the UK.

The next culinary delight was a heap of curly fries. They were a bit dear at £5 a servering. The stall was a bit tricksy and didn’t post the price for them, just that cheese was £1 extra. The donoughts were crazy cheap at just £1 each.

Boston Cream

The best part of the whole thing was this. While standing eating my curly fries there was group next to me doing the same. One of the guys in the group dropped his empty styrofoam container and a girl in the group shouted ‘you can’t litter, it’s Canada Day!’. Fantastic.

Oh and I was the only person in ear shot that cheered when the MCs asked if there was anyone from P.E.I. there. No cheers for any of the territories, shame.

Sounds Thamesy

This past Saturday some mates and I took a jaunt to River Sounding at Somerset House. It’s best described as an audio / atmospheric installation. The sound artist Bill Fontana recorded various bits in and around the Thames. These are being played back in underground areas of Somerset House that are normally not accessible to the public.

A lot of the rooms are tiny lil’ coal holds. One area had a few grave stones that according to staff members, nobody knows the origin of. Neat stuff. The lights were all low and the sounds of the river were at times piercing and at other times shaking your innards. I took some photos but also a video to try to give a feel of the installation.




Lots more photos are over on Flickr

And Suddenly, A Stream Train

There’s been a few chances to see stream trains going about their business in London in the last few weeks, and it always worked out that it happened when I wasn’t there.

This morning I was off to London to finish present shopping and was getting the 11:32 to Liverpool Street.  I got to Cambridge Station a bit early (before the train did) so I had some time to mill around.  In doing so I noticed that we now have a service that goes to Stratford. I also noticed that everything was in a bit of a disarray.  Train platforms kept getting swapped.  There was a Stanstead train parked at platform one, which was causing all the King’s Cross trains to be moved about.  Hmm what were they tying up platform 1 for?

After a while the Stanstead train cleared off and then there was an announcement that the delayed 11:07 special service to King’s Cross will be arriving at platform 1. Special service eh? Hmm it didn’t take much to work out what was about to happen, so I dig out my camera from my bag and grabbed a spot along the platform.

Off in the distance, I could see a hulk of an engine with a puff of black smoke coming out the top. Yes! Finally a steam train! But drat, it’s now 11:29 – my train leaves in 3 minutes.

It was the Sir Nigel Gresley, which has been busy lately. I got to snap a few shots of the train approaching and the above video of it going by me before having to run to catch my train.  I contemplated missing mine for a chance of a better photo, but it would chew up too much of my afternoon.  When I got onto my train, I headed for the front carriage so I could at least get a look as we pulled away.  I got a few blurry shots…



… to go along with the few I got from the platform: