Having A Little Read

I always thought the iPhone screen was too small to read an actual book on. Much like how I previously thought the screen on a Gameboy Micro was too small to be of any use or to be enjoyable. And just like the Gameboy Micro, I’m found I was wrong. I really should put away any preconceptions I have of small screens being too small.

Recently I’ve been wanting to revisit some of the Stephen King books that I read when I was in my teens. I kept an eye out for any used copies but no joy.  This past weekend I thought what the heck, I’ll download a few and maybe try reading one on my iPhone. I’ve had books on my iPhone before but never got more than a few pages in. I’m not sure if it’s what I was reading or the previously mentioned bias that the screen was too small. I loaded up my phone with Christine as that’s the one I remember the least about (other than it’s about a nerdy guy and his car).

Once I started reading I was hooked. And it was great as the ‘book’ as it were was always in my pocket no matter where I was. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore the form factor of the humblest of books. But it is incredibly handy to just slip your phone out of your pocket in a jam packed train rather than having to riffle through your bag to fetch out a paperback.

There’s loads of free books / ePubs you can get that will work with the iBooks app from Google Books and Project Gutenburg.