With that notepad, I couldn’t resist.

Yesterday was the Group IT Away Day for work. For it we hiked out to Wotton House Hotel in Surrey which is where John Evelyn was born in 1620. I’m not sure it looks much like it did then. Mostly boring hotel interior with flashes of old bits of architecture that I could spot.

At any rate. There was a note pad in my room that said ‘Pen Your Thoughts’ across the top of it. I couldn’t resist doing something to maybe give the cleaning staff a chortle.

2012-11-24 09.57.10
On the night stand.
2012-11-24 09.57.18
On the desk.
2012-11-24 09.57.03
Beside the TV.
2012-11-24 09.57.24
On the other night stand with the phone.
2012-11-24 09.58.16
In the bathroom.
2012-11-24 09.59.39
And a useful note also on the desk.

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