Daily Photo Digest: Week 4

Had a near miss this week, once again on Wednesday. What is it about Wednesday? At least I remembered before I was about to fall asleep and managed to photograph something around the house. Without further ado…

Building Layers, Tower Hill
Sunday: This was the shot I took my camera out for last Sunday, only to see there was no memory card in my camera. What a horrible feeling. So this was taken with the ol’ iPhone. At least it still conveys the point: that there is a lot of building layers in that one area, from the Roman wall to the Gherkin. (iPhone)


Trafalgar Square Sun
Monday: I read that morning after waking up about there being an artificial sun in Trafalgar Square for the day. I was a bit disappointed to find out it was a promo stunt for Tropicana orange juice, but it was still pretty cool nevertheless. The square being bathed in orange light in the evening was quite odd but lovely. (Camera)


BT Tower, Charlotte Street
Tuesday: There was a bit of a fog in the air on my walk from Euston Road to Charing Cross Station Tuesday evening and I was determined to get some sort of shot of the BT Tower in it. This is the one I liked the best. (iPhone)


Rice Cooker Face
Wednesday: An example of seeking out something to shoot. After forgetting to get a shot all day, I thought I’d take one of the face on my new rice cooker. Incidentally, I really dig my new rice cooker. It steams veggies as well. And looks like a sort of surprised ninja. (Camera)


Super Mario Kart Tournament, Nintendisco
Thursday: A shot from Nintendisco at 93 Feet East in Brick Lane. I finally got around to going to one of their events and had a great time. I also ended up winning the Super Mario World level 1-1 speed run tournament, woo hoo! It was an attempt to break the current world record time of 35-some seconds. My best run was 37.86 seconds. I may work on that just to see if I can whittle that down by a few seconds. This was from the Super Mario Kart tournament. I also met the chap who is the speed record holder for the PAL and NTSC versions of Super Mario Kart. (Camera)


Crossrail cranes and Centre Point
Friday: Crossrail crans and Centre Point. It was a stunner of a day so I went for a good wander at lunch time. I really like how this iPhone shot turned out with the top being darker than the bottom. It’s probably just from it not being able to handle the dramatic light, but it looks like a neat effect. (iPhone)


Paddington Basin
Saturday: The Bakerloo line past Paddington is no longer an area of complete mystery for me. There were loads of free walking tours going on this weekend by Walk London and I went along to one in Little Venice aka Maida Vale. This here is Paddington Basin.

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