Daily Photo Digest: Week 3

Three weeks in and I miss my first day. Wednesday was a bit of a hectic one and I don’t even recall much of it. I realised I didn’t take a photo when I was about to fall asleep, so a little too late. On Sunday I went for  wander around Tower Hill, mainly to go see All Hallows by the Tower. I fired up my camera and saw those three terrible words: No Memory Card. D’oh! Ah well, gives me a reason to go back again. Without further ado, here’s the last week…

Jubilee Line Dog
Sunday: I’m not usually one for dogs, but this guy was just so well behaved and happy looking I had to grab a snap. Was a quiet Sunday morning on the Jubilee Line. (iPhone)


Central Saint Giles, Bucknall Street
Monday: The Central St. Giles buildings taken from Bucknall Street during a lunch time stroll. This complex of recent multi-coloured buildings stands on the area that was once one of London’s first slums. (iPhone)


Market Carts, Camden
Tuesday: Market carts at Inverness Street market in Camden. (iPhone)


Wednesday: In lieu of a daily photo, here is a cat playing guitar.


Turnpin Lane, Greenwich
Thursday: Looking down Turnpin Lane towards St. Alfege, Greenwich. This is a neat alley way that runs between market buildings. (iPhone)


Post work pool, Kings Cross
Friday: Some post-work pool to celebrate a work mate’s birthday. We started out on a smaller, UK sized table and then moved up to the American sized one pictured. We all reckoned is was silly big. Oh and I won three games. (iPhone)


Rogers, Deptford
Saturday: Every time I go to Deptford, I think to myself that I should go to Deptford more often. Went for a walk through the market on Saturday where I scored some Gameboy games. I spotted this shot and shop just past Tanners Hill. I’m not sure what the shop is/used to be as right now it seems filled with mostly old paint, hardware and cards advertising mobile phone SIMs. Plus I figured my dad would get a kick out of the name of the place. (proper camera)

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