Daily Photo Digest: Week 2

I got a little over zealous last week and included this week’s Sunday entry on last week’s digest, so one of these may look familiar. Second week in and so far so good with finding things to capture.

The Birds, Rotherhithe
Sunday: Bird stencil on the lamp posts along Railway Avenue in Rotherhithe. They’ve since been painted over. (iPhone)


London Coliseum & Chandos pub, St. Martin's Lane
Monday: The top of the London Coliseum and the corner of the Chandos pub in St. Martin’s Lane. (iPhone)


Nicely Lined Up, Borough High Street
Tuesday: The Shard nicely lines up with a building in Borough High Street. (iPhone)


Awning Brackets, Charing Cross Station
Wednesday: Detail of the awning brackets at Charing Cross Station. I was finding it tricky to get an interesting photo of the station. Taken on the 148th anniversary of its opening. This one was a bit planned so it was taken with my camera rather than iPhone.


Gas Lamps, Charlotte Street
Thursday: Gas lamps in Charlotte Street. This day was the first one I nearly forgot to get a photo. Luckily seeing these lovely lamps on my walk to Charing Cross from Euston Road and got a snap. (iPhone)


St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden
Friday: St. Paul’s, a.k.a. the Actor’s Church. A shot from a lunch time wander around Covent Garden. I had my camera with me on this day.


Cressy Court Cat
Saturday: I went on a walking tour of Mile End and Stepney. While we were stopped at Cressy Court (where Vera Drake was filmed) this cat came around and investigated everyone on the tour. So fluffy ^_^. I reckon this is my favourite of this week’s lot.

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