Party Like It’s 1993

Picked up a new TV today. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever owned a proper ‘brandname’ TV. That doesn’t really matter to me, what matters is that it was on sale for £100 less than the original price, is 24″, LED and has loads of inputs. It being JVC is really neither here nor there. Though it does lend itself perfectly to Fonejacker JOOVC references.

I’m doing that thing with a new TV where you don’t settle on viewing or playing one thing for too long. You just want to see how everything looks on it. Going through games on my Xbox Triple60, I fire up Sonic 2 and immediately think back to what was probably my favourite New Year’s Eve as a kid.

The Super Nintendo was my machine of choice in the early 90s and heck even still is most of the time. Saying that though, one of my favourite treats was when I’d get to rent a Sega Genesis from one of the local indie vidya rental places in Charlottetown. I don’t remember the name of them, but there was one shop beside the Green Gables (the ‘you forgot to buy some food now it’s late’ jingle anyone?) on University Avenue (where Jack’s Pizza maybe still is?) and another one across from the Sherwood Shopping centre where I think the Subway is now (or is there still a Green Gables there? My rusty knowledge of C-town is really starting show here). Anyways! Remember when you could rent actual consoles? This place was different in that they didn’t require you to put down some crazy $100 deposit for the rental.

Have always loved that design.

My parents were going to my uncle’s place for new year’s eve and I would have the house to myself, which for a 13 year old is pretty cool enough let alone having a Sega Genesis, Sonic 2 and Mortal Kombat to keep you entertained. I was in heaven. Sonic 2 being such a fantastic game and the Genesis port of MK1 being the best one. I played them both back and forth well into 1994 and had a grand time. My incredibly good memory of all the button combos for the moves and fatalities in MK could be traced back to this one evening. ABACABB, am I right?

Grabbing those bonus stage coins.
Oh the options!

Some things don’t change. Here is is 18 years later and I’m still enjoying some Sonic 2 before the odometer rolls over on another year. And if I wanted, I could hook up my Megadrive (the Euro name for the Genesis, North American readers) and do up Sonic, Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Johnny Cage and the gang properly.

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