Suddenly Bagpipes

It was just before 1pm at work today. It was a bit quiet because everyone else was either eating or had gone out for some food or were in that ‘I just ate and now I’m digesting and looking at FaceBook’ mode.

Suddenly, I hear the faint sound of a bagpipe. “Is it just me or does anyone else hear bagpipes?” I asked. Not the most common question around these parts. Turns out I wasn’t mad; there was indeed a pipe and drum band around the back of the building. I went out to take a look.

Ahh a piping classic.

Pipe & Drum band at Regent's Place

Pipe & Drum band at Regent's Place

Pipe & Drum band at Regent's Place

At some point in the past week or so I got into a discussion with someone about piping. Ah, now I remember. Someone was saying they once worked with a Canadian who tried to teach them how to do highland dancing. He asked me if such Celtic things were popular in Canada. In response I told him that the part I’m from even has a bagpiping and Celtic arts college it’s so popular.

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