A Thing About Underground Signage

So a few days ago I noticed a few things during my work-related Tube journeys throughout the day.

First was at Warren Street station. When it opened in 1907 it was called Euston Road but was changed just a year later (confusion with Euston maybe?). I’m on the south-bound Northern Line platform all the time, but I never wandered far down enough to the exit. I did this day and low and behold under my nose two days a week is this…

Former Euston Road Station

I’m guessing that’s original as it doesn’t look nearly as new as the surrounding tiles. Probably cleaned up a bit though when the new ones were put in.

A few stops south to Charing Cross. This time something I’ve always noticed and had been meaning to get photos of is gone. That would be the black ‘British Rail’ way out signs. They’ve been replace with new ‘Charing Cross’ signs. For shame! Here’s what it used to look like before (photo by s__i on Flickr):

Charing Cross Underground

And now in it’s place photographed from the opposite side:

Charing Cross New Signs

Embankment’s District and Circle line platforms (possibly others, I can’t recall) used to have the same ‘British Rail’ signs as well directing passengers to Charing Cross. Those ones have been changed as well…

Embankment New Signs

There are still some old signage knocking about at Charing Cross. The Northern Line platform maps haven’t been replaced just yet…

Charing Cross Existing Old Signs

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  1. I love the Euston Road signage. It makes me happy to see that when the surrounding bricks were replaced, someone made the decision to keep the original signage up there even though the name changed. Props to historical preservation.

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