The Church vs. The Tower

I was having a look around on the internets today for any events of interest coming up and spotted something for this very evening. All Hallows by the Tower, the church by the Tower of London, was having its triennial ‘Battle with the Tower of London’. This is an extension of Beating the Bounds that happened earlier.  It’s a rather old tradition where young and old folk walk the boundaries of each parish. Partly for ceremony and partly so everyone know just where the boundaries were.

Here’s a blurb from on this evening’s ceremony:

The ceremony involves a ‘confrontation’ with the Resident Governor and Yeomen Warders of HM Tower of London at the boundary mark shared by the Tower and the Church.

During the middle ages the boundary was always in dispute, and this meeting commemorates an occasion in 1698 when a riot took place between the people of the Tower and those of the parish.

I was a little bit late getting there as I though it started at 7pm when it was actually 6:30pm. Still I don’t think I missed too much.

Some kids on the side of the church.

And here comes the procession from the Tower.

Yeomen Warders

Hats off!

And they’re off to walk the parish boundary.

I didn’t know the route and ended up meeting the procession whilst walking down the approach to Tower Bridge.

Want to see more photos? Of course you do! They’re over on Flickr.

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