The Art of Following a Car

Not in the ‘follow that car, it’s getting away, they just robbed a bank sense’. Nope. This is something that I was privy to loads of times living in P.E.I.. It’s possibly done in other parts of Canada as well, I’d need someone to confirm. It certainly isn’t done in the UK as car registration works differently here. What the what am I on about?

Let me set the scenario. You’ve just bought a new-to-you car but you don’t have it registered. Probably because you bought is ‘as-is’ (from the best part of any used car lot) and it’s going to need some work before it can ‘get a sticker’ (ie: inspected) and be registered. You need to drive your new wheels to the garage / where ever you are leaving it but you don’t want to drive it without a plate in case you get caught. Solution? Ask a friend / family  member to ‘follow you’. The goal is to have your buddy driving close-ish behind your plate-less car to avoid any police around that you don’t have a plate on it.

This could require some skill on both parts to work effectively. You don’t want to let the gap between the cars get too big or else that empty spot where a plate should be would be more noticeable.  The big pit fall to look out for was approaching an intersection (junction to UK readers). The plate-less car in front didn’t want to go too fast or it could end up leaving it’s buddy behind at a red light. It certainly was a bit of a local art form.

I’m not sure what other provinces, if any, only require a license plate on the back of the vehicle. Maybe P.E.I. is the only place this happens.

Gosh I’ve been yammering on about things of Canadian nature a bit haven’t I? There are other things to write about and share, just need the inspiration to get ‘er done. Incidentally, the inspiration for this post was sitting on the top deck of a bus going down Commercial Road yesterday and seeing the RAC towing a broken down car using some rope. Naturally what popped into my head was ‘follow me’.

Author: andrea

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