192 Pages, Nothing but Tube Stations

I was having a look around Blackwell’s in Tottenham Court Road at lunch on Monday and spotted an impressive Londony book I had never seen before, London Underground Stations by Stephen Durin:

London Underground Stations Book

Just the cover photo grabbed my attention. I also dug the fact that my local Tube station was on the front, but even more I had a moment where I smiled to myself thinking ‘I have a local Tube station now’. Anyways, I ended up not getting it. As soon as I got back to work though I started thinking I should have treated myself to it.

I had a look for it on Amazon but there were no copies available. Likewise on eBay and a few other places. Hmm looks like it may be at least right now a bit on the rare side. There was just the one copy on the shelf at Blackwell’s as well.

Yesterday after work I cracked and made my way to the shop again to purchase it. Of course on my way there I got anxious thinking, oh no what if someone bought it. Luckily that didn’t happen and it’s now in my possession.

It’s brilliantly simple. Each page is a photo of the station exterior. Below it, in London Transport’s Johnson type face, is the station’s name, the year it was built and who built it be it the company name or the specific architect.

London Underground Stations Book

The most text heavy part of the book is the back cover describing the contents within:

London Underground Stations Book

It’s such an impressive tome my arm was a bit sore after holding it up long enough to go through each page. I’m glad I caved and picked it up.

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