If I Wasn’t Old Before…

I think I certainly am now. I have a new favourite breakfast… and it’s this.

Yup that’s yogurt. And muesli (or granola on the other side of the Atlantic). And some pumpkin seeds on top for good measure. And I love it. There was a time not that long ago when I didn’t eat breakfast at all. Then I started eating crazy pastries in the morning. I got bored of that and thought I’d try some yogurt with cherries on top from M&S. It then eventually escalated to me actually making my own breakfast concoction to bring to work. Blimey, next thing you know I’ll be writing letters to the editors of local newspapers about how I don’t like the look of all those teenagers.

Author: andrea

A Londoner from eastern Canada. City of London Guide, fixer of Macs, collector of old video games, appreciative of synths.

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