Can You Hear That?

A few weeks ago my dad told me about a program he heard on CBC Radio 1 called Hark.  It was about what London sounds like now, and how it would have sounded during the reign of Elizabeth I.  Rather interesting program.  Espeically when the host would call a random London phone number and ask the person who answered to simply hold the phone up for a few seconds just to hear the surroundings.

While in London this past Saturday I felt inspired by that and took a couple videos with my camera to mainly record the sounds.  My little camera’s microphone does a surprisingly good job at capturing some decent sounds.

First up I started recording while walking down Cheapside, just to see what I could capture.  Lo and behold as I was approaching King Street, I could faintly hear the bells of St. Lawrence Jewry (which is just in front of the Guildhall), so I turned down King Street to have a listen. We also have a bit of traffic noise and a jogger going past. He went past me later that evening when I was walking back to Bank from the Barbican. Oh and lots of wind, though I don’t recall it being that windy.

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This one didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I was trying to get the sound of the water ponds at the Barbican. It mostly just sounds like background noise. Also audible is the sound of planes overhead.

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Lastly (for now) is a sound that oh so familiar to me. This is a north bound Northern Line train at Bank Station.

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