Wonderful Electric – Goldfrapp Comes to Cambridge

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing Goldfrapp at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.  I didn’t hear about a month ago and jumped at a ticket.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them just a 15 minute walk from my flat.

I had a floor ticket (the seats were all sold out) and got there early enough to be second row.  I was glad I wasn’t in a seat, as all the seats were up in the balcony and it seemed miles away from the front.  The stage set up was pretty impressive.  Several keyboards, a MacBook Pro, racks of sequencers and what nots, two harps, three basses, a couple of guitars (with more off stage), drum kit, and lots of mics and foot pedals strewn about.

The opening act was a guy who’s name evades me  right now.  It was just him and a guitar but he was pretty good.  His tunes had some decent melodies.  After him the stage crew set about making sure everything was set up for the ‘frapp.

There seemed to be a bit of trouble with one of the keyboards that may have delayed the show a bit.  Just behind me were a few, shall we say, vocal punters who were shouting to get the show  started.  They were shouting earlier too about “changing the ‘effing record” when the background music wasn’t to their taste.  I think everyone may have collectively rolled their eyes a bit.  They would go on to shout at Allison several times shortly after the set began.  There was a guy right behind me who was saying “ah they shouldn’t do that, she’s too shy”.  Exactly!  Neverless, the show rolls on!

It took me a while to remember the set list (Gavin this is for you!)…

  • Paper Bag
  • A&E
  • Cologne Cerrone Houdini
  • Your Never Know
  • Satin Chic
  • Eat Yourself
  • Little Bird
  • Number 1
  • Happiness
  • Ooh La La
  • Caravan Girl
  • Train
  • Monster Love
  • Black Cherry
  • Strict Machine

A mix of storming electro tracks and more subdued affairs.  It was a nice mix though and everyone (from what I could see) were enjoying it.  Extra awesome was the gal on keyboards and the chap who swapped between electric violin and guitar rocking the keytars during Ooh La la, Train and Strict Machine. On this tour they’ve been known to do a country/hillbilly version of Ooh La La.  As neat and chortle worthy that is, I was glad they did the original, full blown glam version.  The heavy synths on You Never Know sounded fantastic.  Heck, everything sounded pretty fantastic and Allison’s voice was top notch.


I realised just as I was leaving work that I had forgotten my camera, dash it! I was left to taking a few crappy snaps with my phone. Granted, not having a camera in hand is a bit better for getting one’s boogie on. I took a short little video clip of Ooh La La as well. The security really weren’t keen on people taking videos.

DSC00142.JPG Allison about to take flight.

The rest of the photos are, as always, over on Flickr.

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