Mapping The New World

Tonight I finally got around to clearing off my GPS nav in preparation for a weekend in London.  On it were a couple of tracks from the colonies… a drive out to Stanhope to visit m’colleague Pat at his campsite and the trek from Charlottetown to Halifax for my flight back to the UK.  As a side note, I was rather lucky to get back to the UK.  I flew via Zoom three days before they closed up shop.

First up, the north shore of P.E.I. were there were some fantastic waves for splooshing in…

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And then a four hour drive to Halifax for Arby’s and some brief site seeing before going to the airport. My batteries died while in Halifax so the drive back out to the airport isn’t included. You know, in case you were thinking “that’s crazy talk, that track goes past the airport, but doesn’t go back to the airport!”. So there we are.

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