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When I go to London I quite often end up doing a fair bit of walking.  Sometimes a lot of walking.  I tend to just wonder where ever looks interesting, or somewhere I haven’t been before or somewhere I want to see again.  With this, I can’t always exactly remember everywhere I’ve been.  Being a map nerd and an even bigger London affection-ado I like to keep track of these things.

A while ago I started looking into various bits of kit to log my steps.  I first started looking at Garmin eTrex personal navigators, then more simple GPS logging devices until coming around full circle and scoring an eTrex bargain on eBay about a month ago.  

There is a bit of a learning curve with getting it to work on a Mac.  First step was getting a USB cable for the eTrex.  Then finding a driver that will work with the unit on a Mac.  Then some software to get the data off of the device.  I found a piece of software called GPS Babel that works a charm.  It takes the data off the eTrex and will save it as any number of formats, including Google Earth .kml format.  Perfect!

Since then I’ve been messing around with logging and working with the data.  I took the eTrex to London on June 7th and again this past Saturday to track where I’ve been.  I have both routes in Google Earth and now have the .kml files saved online so I can view them in Google Maps and embed them into posts.  Neat eh!

Here’s my track from this past Saturday.

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You can spot times when I use the Tube or a bus to get from places as there’s just a long straight line going between the stops. This particular day I started out at Holborn Tube, walked from there to Embankment (popping into Sir John Soane’s Museum along the way).  Took the Tube from Embankment to Barbican.  From there walked to Farringdon, up to Kings Cross and continuing to Camden with a stop into Old St. Pancras church yard.  You can see the bus trip from Camden down to Waterloo where I had a walk around before taking the Tube to Bond Street.  There is where it looks like my batteries died.  That’s ok as there wasn’t much to log after that!

I’m going to keep playing with it and try out adding markers for start and end points and maybe some photos as well.

Have a look over at my Flickr page for photos from this trip.

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