K bye, P.E.I.

So after working on packing for most of the weekend, my bags are all ready to roll. Except for a few odds ends that will have to wait until the AM, I do still need to brush my teeth. Tomorrow morning I fly out of Charlottetown at 5:50am for Hamilton. Yes, Hamilton. That reaction you just had is the same one everyone has. A discount airline by the name of Globespan flies out of Hamilton. And they’re very cheap. Plus, it was a convenient spot for Pat and I to meet up and fly out of. In case anyone isn’t in the know, m’colleague Patrick will be joining with me for life in the UK.

We have quite a bit of time to kill in Hamilton airport. DSes will no doubt be in heavy use. We fly out of there at 8pm and arrive at Stansted airport Wednesday morning. My company is most eager for me to pop in and visit on Wednesday so we’ll probably do that. The offer to drive us around only sweetens the deal.

Once we get settled and get the internets I should hopefully be posting about our adventures more regularly. I’ll also be posting all my photos on Flickr, so keep an eye on that if you like the purdy pictures.

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