Ketchup / Catsup / Catch-up

So a quick run down of some recent things…

– I have ever-so-many things to watch including A Bit Of Fry & Laurie (<3), Jeeves & Wooster, House MD (season 1 finished while this post sat as a draft for a couple of days), Extras and The (American) Office.
Phoenix Wright is the most Ace Attorney around. TAKE THAT!
– The Wii isn’t quite as cheap as chips, but still better than $700 (or alternatively, 40,000 of your Earth pounds).
– The Tony Stanza is working well. My stereo has been installed, back speakers replaced now just the front speakers to go.
– City Cinema will play Little Miss Sunshine sometime in 2009
Pieces of the People We Love by The Rapture is awesome. Sam’s Town by the Killers isn’t quite as so.
– A week of a Pat visit is a fun week indeed.

Author: andrea

A Londoner from eastern Canada. City of London Guide, fixer of Macs, collector of old video games, appreciative of synths.

2 thoughts on “Ketchup / Catsup / Catch-up”

  1. I love Jeeves & Wooster, ever since I found my dad’s P.G. Woodhouse books when I was a kid and my mother would catch me reading when I was supposed to be in bed when I’d laugh out loud.

    Stephen Fry is basically a genius.

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